Earthbound Cafe

Over the years the wish to create a comfortable and peaceful space for our visitors to relax has manifested in what we now call the ‘Earthbound Café'.

It is a place for people to enjoy a good cup of coffee or one of our organic teas with some of our homemade and healthy meal options or snacks (sweet as well as savoury).

While the range of our menu might not be comparable to a big restaurant’s, the quality ingredients and the love we put into our cooking and baking make up for it, we believe!

As the seasons change and we discover new culinary creations, the menu doesn’t always stay the same.

Our Current Menu

All Homemade

Main Meals

  • Soup of the day

  • Vegetable Lasagne (with salad)

  •  Spinach/Veggie/Feta Pie (with salad)



  • Sushi

  • Chocolate/Walnut Brownies 

  • Apple Crumble

  • Cake of the day 

  • Choc/Mint slices

  • Energy Balls


We are very proud to announce the new addition to our cafe! milk based and juice based smoothies available. 

 Our Opening Hours

Sunday - Friday

10am - 7pm

closed Saturday