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Dingo Awareness Centre

For too long now we have mistaken the dingo for a dog and a pest to the eco system, and our country is now suffering the consequences of this misunderstanding. We believe it is vital to bring this to public attention, and it is for this reason that we have established the Dingo Awareness Centre. We are currently working in conjunction with the Australian Dingo Foundation, have written a book, Dawn of a Dingo Day, have an active save the dingo petition and are working on a nation-wide campaign, to stimulate this awareness. Our ultimate goal is to expose the vital dingo role, with intention to have its protection mandated across all states for the sake of ecological harmony. All proceeds are being directed back into the movement to help drive this message forwards.

A hands-on, and educational experience

To learn about the true nature of the dingo and the importance of its participation in the system, we are offering a hands-on, face to face encounter with a bonded dingo pair, and an educational discussion with one of our informed staff, covering the full spectrum of the dingo tale.





$15 PP

(conditions apply)

Open Sunday to Friday

10am - 6pm






DAWN OF A DINGO DAY by Yosef Lasarow
“The health and wealth of any eco-system is directly dependent upon the efficiency of its apex predator, in that properly regulated predation will positively affect each successive link. Efficient control at the top will keep the system in harmony, provided each established link remains intact. If any link is broken, the entire system will have to re-adjust. If a vital link, a top-order predator for example, is removed, the system will topple as it desperately attempts to stabilise itself. In Australia, this vital link is the dingo."

DAWN OF A DINGO DAY was conceived through the shocking realisation that the Australian society, bar First Nation Peoples and a minuscule handful of passionate individuals, are oblivious to the dingo ‘footprint’, and the vital role they play, and that its ongoing persecution is the primary cause of Australia’s current eco crisis.

It is with these concerns in mind that I have sketched a portrait of the dingo within the Australian
landscape, demonstrating the dependence of the system on its presence, and highlighting, as a
solution, that dingo protection is the golden key to the salvation of large sectors of the ecology. This work also addresses the current livestock predation issues and argues that mandated dingo
protection will not only lead towards ecological stabilisation but will also result in a lessening of
livestock predation the more stable the system becomes. Finally, and in some ways most
importantly, it strives to stimulate (inter)national awareness, of yet another of Earth’s … hidden
iconic gems!!!

Yosef Lasarow was born in South Africa in 1962 and has dedicated his life to a passionate search for truth and the purpose of life. After moving to Australia Yosef has dedicated the last ten years developing his eco-wildlife park, the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park, in Victoria. It was there that he discovered the masterful and essential ecomanagement skills of the dingo and the vital ecological role they play and have played for thousands of years on Australian soil.

Do you know what a dingo is__If you are
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We were lucky enough to have our Dingoes featured in the Great Ocean Road episode of "At Home With Didiayer". In this short clip, Yosef, managing director of our sanctuary, explains a little about the important ecological role of the dingo.




Canis Dingo

Interestingly,the dingo is neither a sub-species of dog nor wolf, but in fact a species on his own, the Canis Dingo. Their behaviour and ecological function, however, is similar to that of the wolf. Sadly, both the dingo and the wolf are significantly misunderstood, and their real tale has almost never been told.

In truth, dingoes and wolves play a vital role in maintaining stability and biodiversity of major ecosystems by targeting the sick and the weak, and by ensuring animal population stability. In Australia, the dingo, being the apex predator, the system as it stands cannot survive without them.

Disturbingly, today - as a result of the lack of understanding of their critical importance, the dingoes are regarded as pest or vermin, a danger to livestock, and even a possible threat to humans.

Due to these misconceptions they have faced ongoing persecution over the last two and a half centuries since the European colonisation of Australia in 1788.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the 1980 “dingo ate my baby” saga which branded the dingo worldwide as a “vicious killer of babies”.


Being an endangered species and fighting for survival, the dingoes are still not protected in most Australian states.

As a result of this outrageous situation, we stand to lose a prized and iconic animal, and witness the collapse of the Australian mainland ecosystem - a national disaster and international disgrace - if we don’t come to understand the urgency of returning the dingoes to their rightful place enabling them to fulfil their crucial function.

We have now officially gone live with our petition to recognise and save the DINGO.

Below is a small excerpt from our public outreach statement. To read the full statement please click on the link below. If you agree with the message, please sign the petition and share the link as a matter of urgency.

“Established eco-systems have a natural order of coherence and will thrive if left to their own devices. If any link is broken, the entire system will have to re-adjust. If a vital link, the apex predator for example, is removed, this could cause a downwards trophic cascade which will topple the system as it desperately attempts to re-adjust itself, causing catastrophic, irreversible damage in the process.
In Australia, this vital link is the dingo.”
Your voice is critical… time is running out

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