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Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a self-sustaining system which depends primarily on natural earth energies. 

We believe that an essential key in establishing peace on earth lies in harmonising ourselves with nature. With natural resources at our door step, we feel an innate pull to venture towards the simple things life has to offer.

We are working hard towards cultivating our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Chickens for their eggs, sheep for their milk, alpacas for their wool, sun and wind for electrical power and other practical uses, rain for water, and Australian wildlife for their energy and vibrations to enhance our connection to the land.


The lessons we're learning, are what we want to share. With all things considered, global peace is a collective responsibility and it rests on all of our shoulders together. 

While our mission is still in progress, we ask for your understanding and support as we work hard to fulfil our dream.

Thanking you. 

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