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The Park

Our park is located on a 40 acre property in one of the most spectacular regions of the country. Average visiting time is 45 minutes  to 1 hour, although one is free to stay longer. 


Petting Area

Getting up close to wildlife is a unique and memorable experience, wherever in the world it might take place. For us, giving our visitors the chance to interact with and hand-feed kangaroos, emus, wallabies and alpacas is as important as providing love, care and a spacious environment for our animals. As a result of this, hanging out with our wildlife


becomes safe as well as helps all those involved understand the basic law of coexistence between all creatures: Respect and care for those dependent on us allows for a rewarding relationship! 

Everybody, including families with children of all ages are welcome to enter as long as the ''Rules of Conduct'' are being observed. 



One of our main goals when taking on the challenge of managing this beautiful property has been to create a shared space where Australian wildlife as well as our deer and farm animals can co-exist as naturally as possible. While being cared for by us, the quality of life of any creature remains intact when given the chance to live as freely as possible while still being cared for and protected by humans.

Our sanctuary walk is a round-trip that takes the visitor through fields, across our small lake and past a small eucalyptus forest, allowing them to see all of our sanctuary animals.

Circling the large field which is home to currently 45 kangaroos and 10 emus, one can observe our large herd of fallow deer and our red deer family in the neighbouring field along the way. Our sheep, Genty the pony, Leo the donkey as well as our horses Jack, Amity and Eureka round out the experience. 


When we embarked on our search for dingoes for the park years ago, we had no idea how far and deep into the issue of their survival as an iconic species of this continent this search would take us. Now, after having been a home to our four beautiful dingoes Lowana, Nagari, Alora and Warrigal, their cause has become one of our biggest passions. 


two of our dingoes and one of their pups

Naturally, we want to share our ever growing knowledge and love for these beautiful creatures with all who wish to learn more about them and meet them up close. The guided Dingo Encounter has become one of the experiences most enjoyed by our visitors. 


Always interested to learn more about environmental and animal rights issues which affect the much struggling Australian eco-system, we have recently become acquainted with the cause of the brumbies, the Australian equivalent of the American mustang. 


 Inspired by the incredibly important work done by organisations like the Australian Brumby Association, we have decided to adopt two of those beautiful and interesting animals and have since been rewarded with their companionship and free-spirited presence on our farm. Amity and Eureka are from the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales and the Alpine National Park in Victoria respectively and are enjoying their new home!

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